The experiences I have with Jeff arose from when he led a John C. Maxwell MasterMind group which I was a part of. His conversational abilities as a facilitator are incredible, as his intentionality regarding pointed questions throughout the MMG truly helped me grow; both as a person, as well as a business owner. For anyone who is seeking a breakthrough, or looking at gaining that slight competitive edge over the competition in any arena of life, Jeff Taylor can greatly assist in evoking these attributes from individuals under his tutelage.  

Bryce Wagner

Agent with New York Life helping individuals, families and businesses achieve their dreams

May 4, 2017, Bryce was a client of Jeffrey M’S




"As the Executive Director of the Plainview/Hale County EDC and chairman of the Administrative Board of my church I am always looking to improve my leadership skills. I have had some exposure to the John Maxwell principals of leadership, but no formal training. When Jeff Taylor offered to instruct a group of community leaders on the Maxwell principals I was eager to participate. In leading our group Jeff was very knowledgeable and professional in his presentation. The information I received while attending the group has been beneficial to me in my personal and professional life. Mike Fox, Executive Director Plainview/Hale County EDC. Plainview, TX"


Jeffrey Taylor is the real deal...experienced, articulate, knowledgeable, wise, and highly adaptable to any situation, environment, or organization. He brings value and keen insight to every person and group he engages with regardless of business sector. He knows how to drill down, hone in, and focus on developing leaders, regardless of business or level of leadership.  David Norris Life Mastery Consultant; John Maxwell Team Leadership Coach; Former Chief Operating Officer- Happy State Bank


Jeff is passionate and worked to coach and lead our team through the 21 laws of leadership course. He was enthusiastic about the information and my team found him to be very informative. I really appreciated his leadership in this session.  Gina Baugh District Manager at Starbucks (


Jeff is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Every time I have invited him over the years he has brought crucial things our organization needed - a combination of time-tested leadership principles and fresh new ideas, all presented in an effective combination of passion, humor, and in-your-face challenge. His coaching has helped me overcome barriers and increase my sales. My mindset improved immediately and the transformation continues! As far as I’m concerned, Jeff is the guy on leadership. Wilson Williams ( Bankers Life


We had been struggling with staff issues for some time. Jeff motivated us to work together more closely and to be a team.. 

I highly recommend Jeff to any organization. His ability to move and lead us into taking positive actions gave us a lot of strength to move forward. Jeff has the ability to shed new light into sometimes hopeless situations.

Jane Autry Business Administrator at First United Methodist Church ( )



After hearing Jeff Taylor give a keynote speech at a luncheon, I joined his personal growth Mastermind group which led to two more Mastermind groups. These groups allowed like-minded individuals to come together routinely and see ourselves in a grander scheme. I also participated in personal coaching sessions with Jeff. Through all of this, Jeff was able to expose in me a deeper desire to grow, dream, lead and ultimately reach my God given potential. I know Jeff helped mold me mentally and prepare me for new and greater opportunities. I am grateful for his time and talents he has shared with me.


Andy Bean


Lubbock Land Company




Keith Toogood

Toogood Built Homes