Many that I rub shoulders with understand and experience tremendous success.They enrolled in an elite mastermind group. This is an on going group of successful people who not only demonstrate success, but make it a part of their daily life. Every week this group of highly motivated and successful entrepreneurs get together on the telephone and webinars to learn, share new insights, and up their skill level to the point of a personal growth model ​that guarantees their success.The group includes world renown executive coach Christian Simpson and people from all over the world. 


Because I personally witnessed the power the group held in my own life I started offering elite mastermind groups as well. Those who enroll in this tremendous opportunity gain value far exceeding the price they pay. 



A Master Mind Group is an interrelational leadership training group.
There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. My facilitated groups offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. By bringing fresh ideas and a different perspective, my masterminds can help you achieve success.

Key Benefits of a Mastermind Group:


Increase your own experience and confidence

Sharpen your business and personal skills

Add an instant and valuable support network

Get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming

Borrow on the experience and skills of the other members

Study Leadership, Communications and Growth principles/practices in a group setting, create an action plan and have the group hold you accountable for fulfilling your plan and goals.

Receive critical insights into yourself

Optimistic peer support in maintaining a positive mental attitude

A sense of shared endeavor – there are others out there!

Some of the great minds of history enrolled in master minding to discover self and tremendous success. MILLIONAIRE and Author Jack Canfield, of the famed CHICKEN SOUP,  said this about the mastermind:

A mastermind group is a group of people who meet regularly to push themselves towards their goals, hold each other accountable and tackle challenges together. They've been used by some of the most successful people throughout history. 


Andrew Carnegie had a mastermind group. So did Henry Ford. In fact, Ford would mastermind with brilliant thinkers like Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and others in a group they held at their winter mansions in Coral Gables, Florida.

You can't argue with success. In fact, here is a known fact. You are the average of the 5 people you hang around with.  If you hang around struggling people, those who seek success through groups like the Chamber of Commerce or BNI, you will continue to struggle just like they struggle. I used to seek these groups out to increase my wealth. Now  I seek them out merely to add value to my community and not necessarily my business. Why? Because the folks in those groups, while making good friends, never experienced deep lasting victory in their business. I never saw extremely successful entrepreneurs involved in those groups. No lie. The wealthy people I know form an inner circle with others who enjoy deep, tremendous success.


Take JB for instance (not his real name, but a real person). I know JB personally. He is one of the top salesmen in Texas. He owns businesses all over the state. He is also a multi millionaire.  He enjoys success that few will ever know. JB meets regularly with an inner circle that contributes cash (no tax write off) to people in need. I've never seen JB at a Chamber event except to educate young entrepreneurs. He knows the value of an inner circle. And, he's contributed mightily to his city's contemporary image and downtown success. Those are the type of people you want to hang with. An elite mastermind offers precisely that. 

If you truly desire personal growth and intend to step up to the next level I strongly encourage to sign up for my elite mastermind group. Make no mistake. This rare group requires commitment, intense thinking, and sweat.